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Pure Love

I got a call from my Grandma today. I adore her.

I’ve lived with my Grandparents twice in my life. The first time was when I was 11 and my family moved to Texas. All 7 of us lived with them in their 3 bedroom duplex. It was a challenge but I remember feeling so grateful for their sacrifice and service for my family.

The second time was when Jason and I decided we wanted to have a second child and therefore needed to move home and be closer to family. Jason quit his job and we moved back to Texas. My Grandparents opened their arms and their home to us so willingly. They adored 1 year old Davis almost as much as we did. Every morning when Davis woke up, the first thing he wanted was Grandpa. Their bond was unbreakable and it was such a blessing to see. I loved living with my Grandparents during those 6 months and developed a bond that I still feel today. I’ll never forget the sacrifice and love they gave me and my family and I’ll be forever grateful. They made it so much fun and seem effortless. We had the best time.

The day they moved to Idaho was a sad one for Jason, Davis, and me. We missed them so much and over the years I’ve tried my best to stay in touch. With each phone call I feel the need to be the person my Grandparents lived with and remember. I try to make her laugh and tell her cute stories of the boys. My Grandma has the best laugh and I can’t get enough of it.

However, today the phone call was very different. Once again I needed her and she was there with open arms. She called to ask if she could organize a family fast for my surgery on Thursday. We cried together and I felt her love so much it was like she was right here in the room with me. I put my pride aside, and let her do what she does best – serve.

I realized the magnitude of my situation and the immense love that surrounds me in one phone call. She’s a person I look up to and aspire to be. With her kind of faith, I know I’ll be in good hands.

6 thoughts on “Pure Love

  1. sweet post about your grandma! what a wonderful bond you have. i hope someday my kids have that going on with my mom.

    i’m sending you good vibes for your surgery! you’ll do awesome! fingers crossed. and with so many praying for you and fasting! things are sure to turn out AWESOME!

    hang in there.

  2. Such a sweet post. I’ll be praying for you. We had a family fast on Sunday too and I know just how special and needed they can be!

    Best of luck for Thursday!

  3. My best wishes are with you! Grandparets are great! How wonderful for you to have such loving Gradparents! Hugs and smiles to your loving family!

    My little boy loves to stay with his Grandpa in Utah, as much as he can! He would rather stay with Grandpa then go on a Disney Cruise!

    Best of luck to you!

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