Surgery Update

I’m hijacking Laurie’s blog to tell you that her surgery went well yesterday. The doctor said it was a severe rupture and she also had a bone spur, which is very painful, but he cleaned everything out and is optimistic for a full recovery. She’s still in the hospital and is still in pain, but there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel, even if you have to squint to see it. Thank you all for your prayers, emails, meals and babysitting. I know Laurie and Jason appreciate all that’s been done to help their family through this difficult time. She’s got a tough few weeks ahead while she recovers from the surgery so keep the prayers coming.

17 thoughts on “Surgery Update

  1. Lisa, thank you for the update. I wasn’t expecting to hear anything for a while, so I was happy and relived to hear that all went well.

    Laurie, I am so glad that everything went just as it was supposed to. Take it very easy (like you have a choice) and know that you are being thought of and prayed for! Much love and healing coming your way!!!

    P.S. Tip Junkie seems to be in very good hands! All the guest posts have been great!!!!

  2. lisa,
    i am so glad that you have updated us as I have nonstop been thinking of my sweet and dear friend. I am so happy things went well, and no wonder she was in sooo much pain. Please tell her she is in our prayers and love her dearly. wish i was there to help.
    i will keep praying,

  3. You’re such a good sister!!! Thanks for the txt earlier today and the update!

    We will keep Laurie in our prayers!

  4. Lisa,
    Please tell Laurie that she has so many people who love her and are praying for her! She is such an amazing lady as are you! I’m so glad you are there to assist her!

  5. I’m glad the prognosis is good. I’m sure Laurie will heal quickly, she’s a fighter and makes things happen.

    Hi Lisa – miss you girl!!

  6. Laurie-

    I’m so happy the surgery went well, good luck with the recovery in the weeks ahead! Thinking about you girl- get feeling better!!!

  7. thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery…hopefully they’re giving you some really sweet drugs.

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