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Remembering Why I Do It

7 years ago I had this dream to have a website called Executive Homemaker. I had it meticulously planned out in my head and on paper. It took a year of coding & designing and finally my dream became a reality a little after Drake was born. Since then I’ve discovered blogging and a much easier, way to inspire women.

The problem with having a website is that you need a webmaster. It’s all very complicated and having one character out of place can bring down an entire page. Currently, we’re having problems with Executive Homemaker and so I asked Jason to take down the entire site.

Honestly, I didn’t think anyone would care. I don’t do anything really to market it and it’s just hanging out there on the web. We’ll, to my surprise I’ve been getting tons of hate mail. Yes Ladies, apparently people are having up coming birthday parties and NEED my transformer bingo and star wars bingo files. People are also unsubscribing because they are angry that the site is down and can’t get their files. {{the drama}}

I can understand the frustration with wanting something you no longer have access to. I completely sympathize with these women. However, reading so many of them is exhausting. I had decided to take the entire thing down completely when I read this e-mail:

“I cannot thank you enough for your materials designed for special needs children, especially for your son Davis. I have five children (ages 8, 7, 6, 3 and 2). My middle child, Trey, has special needs. He has been in Speech and OT on and off since 2 years old. His neurological testing ruled out Autism but yet my husband and I feel it still may be a mild form. Trey is being mainstreamed but each year we try to give his elem school teachers/sunday school teachers an explanation that he’s different than most kids. I loved your book to explain Davis. It sounds like my son almost to a T. I nearly cried when I read it. I am going to provide teachers with this type of book from now on. Sifting through and IEP doesn’t personalize children like this book will. Thank you so much. I also loved the Book About Myself. Trey will receive that well when I adapt it for him. Thank you so much for sharing this. You have been a great support. Judy”

To be honest, everything on there I made for Davis. He’s one that needs extra visuals, structure, and motivation. I can’t thank Judy enough for her kind words. She single handed saved Executive Homemaker from being taken down all together. I’ll have my hunky webmaster with mad-skills make it a priority to fix Executive Homemaker so everyone can have my files.

I just want to share what I have made, not make anyone angry or frustrated. Executive Homemaker doesn’t make any money and right now isn’t even designed too. I did it out of a passion to help and inspire. That’s it.

Hugs to Judy for giving me the lift I needed to keep moving forward.

8 thoughts on “Remembering Why I Do It

  1. While I believe that the website is yours to do with whatever you need to do… I am so glad to hear that you plan on keeping it. I have used it so many times and have found so much inspiration and fun there. You are truly creative and we really appreciate your hard work creating such an amazing website.

  2. Yeah, it’s staying! I love that site, though I understand it must be very difficult to maintain… thanks a bunch for all of your ideas, helps and inspiration!!

  3. Have you thought about converting it to a wordpress site? Many websites now use wordpress as their platform of choice because it’s so easy to use and you can do it yourself.

    Something to think about anyway.


  4. wow! the drama, and right now? OY! that bites.

    so glad it’s staying though, i refer people there often. or have in the past.

    you have mad skillz!
    and everyone that has access to them is blessed because of you.

    glad it’s sticking around. when you get that kind of fan base it’s hard to suddenly drop it.

    Judy Rocks for letting you know what it means to her.

    you make a difference in so many people’s lives!

    thanks for sharing your stuff.

  5. I am glad it is staying too- I have used many of the toddler items, and I love how anyone can share their ideas on it as well. Of course it just adds tons of work for you, but you are talented enough to do it. Keep us posted, and thank you so much!

  6. That is sad that people have to get so mad and send hate mail about something that was supposed to be inspiring and fun. It is sad to see something so helpful and creative taken down and will be nice to pull from again, but hate mail? really….

  7. I am so glad you’re deciding to focus on the postivve emails instead of those ridiculous hate mails.
    I hear you in a way–I got some hate mail myself, when I closed down for a few months. Kind of funny, actually!
    Good luck continuing E.H. it’s an amazing resource. I wish you the best!

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