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Valentine’s Dance

So every year Jason and I crash another ‘Stakes’ Valentine adult dance (church dance). It’s one of the 3 main events I look forward to each year. Since we missed all the parties in December, I’ve been especially looking forward to this one. Here I am those fabulous zebra heals.

Don’t worry, I followed Dr’s orders and wore flats instead. Not as fun but safe. I ordered my dress online from New York & Co., of course. It’s posing as my favorite store until I can justify Ann Taylor prices. (I’m so cheap!)

Here’s a shot of Jason and me right before our big night.

Amy, Aurora, & Rebecca

Due to the number of fabulous people we get to hang out with, finding a restaurant that can accommodate us all is simply impossible. So this year Rebecca hosted dinner at her house.

Greg & Rochelle

Really, it’s just a ploy to get our men to the dance. They feel like they deserve to be feed first. {{giggle}}

(I have to apologize, I brought my little camera for ease and the quality sucks. Most of the pictures I took aren’t focused. Geeze. Now that I can drive, I’ve got to get my camera fixed.)

Anessa, Me, Lisa, & Leslie (I should like to their Facebook accounts. teehee)

Katrina decorated the gym for the dance and as usual did such an impressive job!! It has a French theme as she’s leaving for a trip to Paris on Friday. {{Snaps to her!!}}

I didn’t get a good picture but she cut out a french phrase and modged podged with with glitter and hung it on the curtain.

Ok Ladies, Katrina made these lanterns! She bought the top, added velum and put in a ton of battery tea lights inside, then made the stand. Add some red netting and balloons to boarder the stage.

She also made the Eiffel Tower out of wood, painted it red, modged podged red glitter, and bordered it in lights.

Table Center pieces

Every year our group may possibly dominate the dance floor. It’s not intentional, like I said we just have a rowdy large group. {{oops}}

However this year, we had a turf war. HA! I’m kidding. Come on we aren’t that possessive. Um… maybe only when it comes to songs. Anyway, there was a group who lined danced to every song. Way impressive. I don’t know that many line dances. I’m not a line dancer myself, I’ve never been one to conform. {{wink}}

The decor was fabulous, the company was perfect (a few were missed), but the music lacked a bit. Thank Heaven they finally played “Thriller” for Lisa. It’s just not the V-day dance until the staples are played. 🙂

It was so nice to get out of the house and enjoy the company of friends. I’ve missed them so much. Life just isn’t the same without people to make you laugh and let you into their lives. It felt great to be alive again.

8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Dance

  1. looks like a rocking valentines day! so fun! i was thinking last night we should crash a dance but i didn’t do my research before hand . next year. that is what i’m doing!

  2. What a great tradition!! I have never been dancing with my hubby- I wonder if he can dance?
    Anyways, you look awesome! Those shoes rock!

  3. okay did jason go line dancing? has he changed since the “cruise days”??? you both look HOT in your new valentine outfits!! love the shoes!!! di

  4. Di,

    No Jason didn’t go line dancing. He won’t get out on the floor anymore. Well, unless I drag him to suggle for a slow song. 😉

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