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Dylan Has Braces!

I can’t believe it. My sweet Dylan is growing up and last week he got braces. He’s been anxiously awaiting them since last October. But had to wait an extra couple months due to my surgery. (It’s been brutal making him wait. Mean Mommy.)




When we arrived at the ortho office, we noticed that there was a “Congratulations Dylan” sign. He guessed exactly how many Mardis Gras beads there were in the jar and won all kinds of gift cards, the 99 necklaces, and chocolate. {{squeal with delight}}

Afterwards I took him to buy new shoes and he treated Mom to Jamba Juice with one of his gift cards. We had a great date! He’s such a sweet little guy.

5 thoughts on “Dylan Has Braces!

  1. Way to go, Dylan…on the braces but for guessing right and for taking your sweet mommy on a much needed date!!

  2. anxiously awaiting braces?! Is that normal!?! Wow, if he’s old, does that mean you’re old too!? I think NOT! 😉

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