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P.T. Pain & Torture

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while now. I’ve been in physical therapy (pain & torture) 3 times a week for around 5 weeks and tomorrow will be my last session.

My doctor had told me that I would need to go to P.T. to strengthen my back and learn how to properly lift things after my surgery.

However, he did NOT tell me that it would be more like rehabilitation! My body was so week from 6 weeks of agony and non-use that my left leg even atrophied.

It was hard work getting my body back to normal. Candy, my physical therapist, put my body through the wringer and pushed me to my limit. (Which in reality isn’t very far. teehee)

I’ve felt like a weakling for too long and now my body is stronger and ready to be free of tri-weekly torture.

I’ll still do some of the exercises on my own to keep my back strong. I took all these pictures so I wouldn’t forget the moves. 😉

Now you know what I’ve been spending all my time doing. Absolutely nothing productive.

Monday’s I go to P.T. and am tired the rest of the day.
Tuesday I’m sore.
Wednesday I go to P.T. and am tired the rest of the day.
Thursday I am sore.
Friday I go to P.T. and am tired the rest of the day.
Saturday I am sore.
Sunday I go to church and sit on those terrible chairs, therefore I am sore the rest of the day.

I am NOT going to miss this schedule at all. I feel so free and excited to see what next week will bring. YAY!!

3 thoughts on “P.T. Pain & Torture

  1. whatever… you took those pictures so you don’t forget the moves…I KNOW you took those to look back when you’re old, gray and Depends dependable to remind yourself how hot you still are! 😉

    I’m glad all of that back mess is coming to an end!

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