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Slumber Party

Lisa came into town for Drake’s birthday party and we had so much fun together! Because it was my dear friend Wendy’s anniversary I offered to watch her kiddos for the weekend.

It worked out perfectly being Drakes birthday. So we partied hard and had a great time.

The next morning, I decided to do something new to Emily’s hair. I mean, it’s the only time I get to pretend I actually have a daughter. 🙁

I showed her the hair blog and asked her to pick one. She picked out the Basket Weave hair style.

I was seriously SO excited about it! Finally, I would get to put my skills to use and create a darling never-before-seen hairstyle on cutie patootie Emily.

Dude. This one’s a doozy! As I was making all the little pony tails all I could think about was my poor friend having to take them out. I thought I was going to be in serious trouble.

Although how on earth could you be mad after seeing something so beautiful! (And of course she wasn’t. She LOVED it!)

6 suckers, who knows how long, or how many rubber bands later, she’s even more adorable that normal. If you can even imagine such a thing to be possible.

Add some ribbon and it’s absolutely fabulous! She’s such a darling girl. Thanks ‘lil Emmy.

After playing with Emily’s hair, Lisa and I took the older kids to the Skating Rink.

We reminisced about our days in Jr. High and our local rink.

In that moment I felt like life had come full “circle”. Get it? {{heehee}}

We had so much fun with these little cuties. Our first slumber party was a BLAST!

When Wendy came to pick up her kiddos she had the most wonderful surprise for me! We had gone shopping together a week or so ago and I really wanted this wool flower. Needless to say it was a bit pricey and I opted not to get it. Leave it to Wendy to buy it for me as thanks for watching her kiddos so she could celebrate her anniversary.

Wendy’s kids, Lisa in town, and a new flower for my hair equals a great weekend! Too bad it had to end.

3 thoughts on “Slumber Party

  1. i’m coming to your house to be babysat- if you are going to do my hair and give me suckers and take me skating.
    loved the girls hair do and your new fab flower!

  2. I have wanted that flower forever, but I’m not paying the pricetag. But, it looks way better in your hair than mine.

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