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Incredible Pizza

Jason started his Mandatory Unpaid Leave of Absence, MULA – or lack of Moola, today. His entire company gets this privilege and Jason decided to schedule his during spring break. Lucky us.

We’ve decided to get to know our city a little bit better and do things we normally wouldn’t do. Therefore it’s off to Incredible Pizza which is like a Chuck E. Cheese on steroids. We started out the afternoon with all-you-can-eat Pizza buffet.

The older boys raced gokarts – twice.

We went mini-bowling as a family.

Can you tell that Daddy planned this outing? This place was made for a family of all boys. No Doubt!

The older boys rode on the bumper cars while Drake and Dad hung out in the Tiny Town.

We went miniature golfing.

Played arcade games and had a blast. We ended our 5 hours with dinner at the all-you-can-eat Pizza buffet. I mean, we had to make sure we got our money’s worth, right! 😉

The boys are already asking when we can go back. I’m going to have to put a yearly limit on this one or we’ll go broke! Gotta love Spring Break.

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