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Thank You’s

I’m terribly embarrassed. I am just now delivering my Thank You cookies for people who helped me and my family out during the back trauma of ’09.

Now that physical therapy is behind me and I’m caught up on to-do’s; I can finally take the time to properly thank those amazing women who had my back when mine stabbed me in the back. {{literally}}

It took me 3 batches before I perfected my friend Lisa’s cookies. I know, it’s seriously so sad. I can not cook for the life of me. I’ll admit {{only to you}} that I burn the break-and-bake cookies. It’s terrible.

However, I’m now the proud baker of melt-in-your-mouth homemade cookies. Thanks to Lisa for her amazing recipe! The secret ingredient, real butter. I won’t even admit how many packages of butter I had to read to find “real butter”. {{Geeze, I hate to cook.}}

At any rate, I wanted these women to know how much I appreciate their service and so it was worth all the effort in the kitchen.

My mom made these darling flower tags with a pearl butterfly. Thanks Mom! They’ve already been copied by a friend in my Ward (church). Maybe one day they’ll be famous. 😉

4 thoughts on “Thank You’s

  1. Donna,

    I ruptured a disc in my back over Thanksgiving. It took 6 weeks before I had surgery. I was in terrible pain. In a nut shell, I lost 12 weeks of life. However, now I’m almost completly back to my normal self. 😉

    I feel very blessed.

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