Idols in Concert

I can’t believe that I’m just now getting around to blogging about this. It must be a sign that life is just too busy. {{sigh}}

Anyway, Chanda and I went to see the “Idols in Concert” at the Dallas Symphony. They were past Idol contestants: Melinda Doolittle, Gina Glocksen, Chikezie Eze, and Phil Stacey perform alongside the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

I love how Chanda is always up for an adventure. Hey, me too! {{snicker}} We had such a BLAST.

This was our view. Yes, we had the cheap seats. They weren’t nose bleeds they where behind and above the stage. It actually turned out be really cool because we were so close to the performers. They were each so kind to us and turned around to sing and wave several times throughout their performances.

Melinda Doolittle

First the Dallas Symphony played. Then all 4 of the Idols came out and rotated playing individually and as a group. Melinda was adorable. You can tell that she was eating up the experience and was just glad to be there.

Gina Glocksen

During Gina’s performance, she commented about the 14 year old couple who were cuddling in the pew behind Chanda and I. Seriously, they looked way too young to be so affectionate with each other. It was weird to see.

Chikezie Eze

We were so close, Chanda could read the music title on the symphony’s sheet music. So we got a heads up on what song was playing next. Yeah not me, I’d have to have glasses to see that. 🙁

Phil Stacey

Since we were behind the stage and everyone in the theatre could see us; when the lights were bright we clammed up and sat in our most graceful position. However, when the lights were dimmed we sang along, giggled, and danced.

At the end of the show, we didn’t brave the teens and wait in the long line for the meet & greet. We decided to just snag a quick snapshot of each of them before heading out to the valet.

Afterwards we were dancin’ queens and sang along to movie sound tracks all the way home. Thanks Chanda for coming with me last minute and making it such a fun night!!

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  1. What fun! My family and I would have loved that too! (But if we brought the kids then we’d have wait in line for the kids to get autographs!) SOunds like a greta way to get the younger generation into the symphony!

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