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A Day in the Life

Life is completely crazy busy these days. I’m at the point where I have no idea how the months are passing by so quickly. So I thought it would be fun to take one day and document my activities. I need something to prove that I’m actually being productive. {{wink}}

This is what I did on Monday:

4:30 am – Woke up to giggles and screams of delight. I walked upstairs to find Drake in Dylan’s bed! I guess Drake woke up and wanted Dylan to read him some books. Dylan was kindly obliging this order and even reading using different voices.

5:30 am – Woke up to give the boys their medication

8:15 am – Apparently I slept like a log while Jason took the boys to school.

8:20 am – Post for Tip Junkie

9:00 am – Pilates (no time for the treadmill today)

9:50 am – Took Drake to Emily’s house for a play date and chatted with Wendy.

10:15 am – Shower and got ready for the day

11:00 am – Tried to tackle the mountain of e-mail.

12:20 pm – Lunch with Chanda, Rochelle, and Leslie. Leslie and I were interviewed for a piece on LDS bloggers and so I arranged for us to meet in real life. Since Rochelle and Chanda have been long time readers of Leslie’s, I thought “the more the merrier” and invited them as well.

It was such a wonderful lunch. We chatted and ate like we’d all been friends for years. Leslie is so kind and lovely and fit right in. I love meeting women who share my same passion for inspiring other women. Leslie’s blog, A Room Somewhere, is about fashion and home decor and features eye candy twice daily. It’s beautiful!

2:30 pm – Late to pick up Drake. Sorry Wendy! I was completely engulfed in the girl time that I completely lost track of time.

2:35 pm – Signed the boys up for Vacation Bible School and Drake on the wait list for a Friday pre-school. We toured the classroom and finally convinced Drake “school is cool”. We are first on the list, so my fingers are crossed that he’ll get in and I’ll have 3 days free next fall. {{evil laugh}}

3:15 pm – Boys came home, hugs, snacks, and affirmations.

3:30 pm – Back to replying to e-mail, making plans, researching calling for church, finishing up “to-do’s” that always comes via e-mail.

5:20 pm – Went to school for PTA meeting where they force you to go so your kiddo can receive their Student of the Month award. Got to the school to find out that Drake didn’t have shoes on.

5:21 pm – Went back home to get Drake’s shoes and then back to the school to get a good seat for the PTA meeting.

6:30 pm Left PTA meeting to book it to Swim Team try outs which started at 6:00.

* We walked up to the pool as Drake is taking off his shirt, I turn back put on his shirt, for him to take it off again and quickly sitting down and taking off his shoes.

* I’m trying to navigate through the crowd to figure out where we’re supposed to be, realize Drake is about to jump in, run over and grab him before he sinks to the bottom of the pool.

* Put Drake’s shoes and shirt back on him.

* Get the boys in their lane to swim one lap.

* Get their placement, wave to friends, and then head on up to the clubhouse to fill out the 3 pages of paperwork with information I already filled out online.

* Dylan started to cry as we were leaving saying he didn’t want to be on the swim team. I told him that I know it’s hard to try new things, he did such a great job, he’s not expected to already know how to compete, yada yada yada. {{buck up kid}}

7:00 pm – For FHE – Sonic. Family time and reward for the crazy day with $1 sundae from Sonic. Dylan started to cry again because he wanted a slush instead when he said “M&M candy sundae”. When I jump in with my Love & Logic, “no problem I’ll eat it!” He decides that he wants it anyway. {{Dude. Take what you get and don’t throw a fit.}}

Lesson: On the way home I related to the boys my swim team experience and how I lost every single race. In fact, I was so bad that they gave me my own lane where I could swim at any pace I wanted and didn’t have to feel rushed. {{true story}} The point is to learn how to push yourself, learn how to have fun when loosing, and that I would like them both to be on the swim team in High School so they need to gain experience.

I finished my ice cream induced lecture, I mean lesson, by reminding them that it’s my job to make sure that they are balanced, responsible, and capable young men. It’s my job to expose them to situations where they’ll grow, they’ll learn from their mistakes, and ultimately become amazing Daddy’s and Husbands. You can’t have it all if you don’t work hard and try your best.

7:15 pm – Hair cuts, one of the ways I am cutting back on expenses and saving a little moolah.

7:30 pm – Baths for the boys and bedtime for Drake.

7:45 pm – Give Melatonin to the boys to help them sleep. Clean the house. Geeze it’s a mess. Davis unloads the dishwasher and Dylan cleans the media room. Both of which I hate to do so they get to do it. {{another evil laugh}}

8:30 pm – “It’s my favorite time of the day!” Bedtime! I prayed for Dylan this time and asked that the Lord help Dylan feel better about competing in the swim team, that he will be given physical strength to swim the full length of the lane, and mental strength to not be afraid to fail or loose, and that he will follow the direction of his coaches.

Afterwards I asked him if he felt better and he said, “a little”. However, he had such a huge grin on his face I knew otherwise. I reminded him as I do every night, what a special young man he is and that I’m the luckiest mom in the world.

8:40 pm – Finished up the dishes and headed on over to Christina’s to watch the Bachelorette. We’ve been watching the Bachelor together for a couple seasons now and it’s a highlight of my week. When I was recovering from back surgery she came over every week and kept me company.

Christina is an amazing and creative decorator. On her large wall in her living room she made this clock using numbers and picture frames. You’ll have to enlarge the image to really see how beautiful it is!

11:00 pm – Tip Junkie post and scheduled it to post in the morning.

12:00 am – Bed time. Even though it’s so late, I always have a hard time sleeping after I blog. My mind starts thinking about all the possibilities, all the fun projects I want to do, and the stresses and needs of my family.

12:20 ish – Exhaustion finally takes over and I’m fast asleep. A hurricane could blow through and I’d sleep through it. 😉

4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. just last week, i was thinking… i really, really want to be a fly on your wall. you never fail me, you always come through to help. i always want to know how people get so much done in a day. i think we need more of these posts. you are a busy girl, but manage to get much accomplished. i love it!

  2. What a crazy day! NOW I know how you do it…you NEVER stop! Even for sleep. 🙂 I’ve just discovered the Melatonin and really have been impressed with it for my medicated kiddos. I LOVED the part about your pep talk to the boys. You are so so smart.

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