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Girls Weekend

My dear friend Melissa moved from Utah to Houston at the end of last year but due to my back surgery and scheduling conflicts, we finally got to see each other over the weekend.

Lisa and Melissa drove up and we had the best time via pedi’s, Mexican food, and retail therapy!

Sam Moon finally opened up a week or so ago and it wouldn’t be a girls weekend without trendy purses and cheap accessories.

Next up, the Funky Monkey boutique where we all found several treasures.

We went to see Angels and Demons. However, Lisa was cold. No she’s not stealing that shirt but it totally looks like it! She bought it but put it on our way out. I really liked the movie, it doesn’t follow the story line of the book. Just a heads up.

{{I have no idea what that circle is on my shirt. No, I’m not br3ast feeding! Not a typo, I don’t want my post to come up in Google searches.}}

After the movie we headed back to the mall for more shopping. In Nordstrom I found these amazing pink flower sandals for $89. Way cute but so out of my price range.

Later that evening we made our way to Payless and I found pink flower sandals in the girls department for $8! {{squeal in delight}}

Apparently I can wear girls shoes – size 6. That little piece of info is going to save me a bundle on shoes from here on out! Teehee.

We played Sequence, ate, hung out, and laughed. A much needed diversion from the stresses of day to day life. Thanks girls for such a fun weekend!

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  1. I had a FABULOUS TIME! It has been way too long and I hope we don’t wait that long for another hangout. You were the hostess with the mostess. LOVE YOU!

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