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Dinner and a Movie

So my sister still has NOT sold her house. She has anywhere from 2-5 showings a week but no offers. My boys have been seriously disappointed that Aunt Lisa still is not living with us. However, her man (Billy) has been living with us for several months now and the boys boys have grown very attached.

There are several perks to having Billy around. He takes out the trash, he plays hide ‘n seek with the boys, he does man yoga with the boys (pictures to come), occasionally goes grocery shopping, and is around when Jason’s out of town.

Well yesterday Billy ordered too many Subway sandwiches for the luncheon he hosted and the boys and I were treated to a free dinner!

Whoohoo! It was great because I had no idea what I was going to fix for dinner. The boys even ate 2 sandwiches to earn 2 cookies. Ah, the little joys in life.

You will never believe what they wanted to do after dinner and our reading time. I really can’t believe it myself, but they wanted to watch The Phantom of the Opera!

{{You just spit out your Diet Coke didn’t you!!}}

I was flabbergasted! I hadn’t seen it until the Movie came out in like 2005. Don’t be surprised, we’re not a musical or cultural family. To this day Jason doesn’t know who Snow White is. I’m not kidding. But if there’s a super hero in it, you know we’ve seen it many times! {{giggle}}

Apparently, their music teacher has been talking about it all week. Dylan has this monster book and the Phantom of the Opera is in it, so they grabbed the book, read everything about him, debated on what was actually true or not (according to their music teacher), and then sat down to watch the movie.

When I had back surgery my man hooked me up with an embarrassingly large flat screen as well as instantly downloadable movies from Netflix. Since they aren’t 13 yet they can not watch PG13 movies. A fact they try to negotiate constantly. {{tired}}

However, Netflix did have the black & white (w/o dialogue) version to instantly download from 1925. I told the boys that they wouldn’t like it but they could watch it if they wanted to. At first, they were very confused why they couldn’t hear the people talking. So Drake and I acted out the dialogue for them; “Oh No! (in high pitched dramatic voice) That man came out of the cave and then disappeared.”

The boys were not digging my substandard acting skills but like all things crazy fun and a little weird, it caught on and we had a fun time with it. They ended up watching the movie for an hour before it was time for “lights out”. {{a.k.a. quiet time to please mommy}}

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  1. wow sounds like Uncle Billy is a fun Uncle! 🙂 I hope your sister’s house sells soon!
    There are so many houses in our neighborhood that are not selling! So sad!

    Phantom of the Opera is one of our children favorites movies!

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