It’s My Blog and I’ll Say What I Want To

Do you ever get to the point where you have so much to say, that you can’t say anything at all? The past several months my head has been spinning with ideas, blog posts, things to share, feelings, upsets, and drama. But what do I do with it?


Why? Chalk it up to fatigue, time, interest, lack of eloquence, attention span, it could even be all of these things.

Somewhere along the road I’ve lost my voice, my right-fighting (the good kind not the destructive type), my passion, and fight to be heard. I’ve become…


Alas, it is true and as you can tell I have lost my voice on my personal blog. The difference is, that I know exactly the reason this has happened.

I can no longer tell my story the way I want to. I know you hard-core-long-time-bloggers are disagreeing with me and you can leave your comments and tell me how you deal with it. But now that everyone I know reads my blog, it’s no longer fun.

Lisa (my sister) and I talk about this all the time, the most fun we had blogging was in the beginning when only strangers read our blogs. We could poke fun at our ourselves, our families, tell stories as they really happened (not edit or omit names and drama), and didn’t have to worry about hurting other’s feelings if they weren’t invited to an outing.

For some reason, having to make little omissions or not being able to share the entire story takes the authenticity out of my blog and makes me not want to post at all.

I was talking to Wendy the other day, telling her the latest drama. She said that I had the best stories and had to write them in a book one day! That made me so sad, because that is what my blog is supposed to be. It’s supposed to be about those unbelievable things that happen in life, how you over come them, deal with them (right or wrong) and how you really live.

“You Can’t Handle The Truth!”

I’ve decided that right or wrong, good or bad, that’s what my blog is going to be about from here on out- real life. I’m tired of editing, omitting, and trying to keep everyone happy or feelings in tact.

From now on, if you don’t want it blogged about – don’t do it. Better yet, if you don’t want to hear about – then don’t read my blog.

My personal blog isn’t for traffic, branding, or publicity. It’s just for me to record, vent, and develop supportive and healthy relationships with other bloggers who share the same passions, heartaches, and creative outlets that I do.

Sure I could go private, but then I’m not able to meet new bloggers and really develop the online relationships I’m looking for. I have very different interests than my friends in real life. Of course I ADORE them and wouldn’t trade them for the word! However, I draw a lot of strength from my blogging sista’s. I have relied on them in ways my friends in real life wouldn’t understand.

You can take this as a warning or what it really is an invitation to be a part of my life and my story. The good, bad, and ugly truth.

I’m not a snarky or mean spirited person and would never outwardly try to hurt someones feelings, especially someone I love. However, I do want the freedom to express myself, laugh at, and enjoy my own life and the experiences I have while in it.

Naturally, it’s going to take me some time to get back into the habit of blogging daily, being authentic, and finding my rhythm again. But it’s something that I’m really looking forward to. Life is flying by at light speed and I’m missing opportunities to express how I’m feeling and recording the unbelievable that’s happening all the time.

I hope people in real life understand, will be supportive, and know that yes I will have my camera. {{wink}}



25 thoughts on “It’s My Blog and I’ll Say What I Want To

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. That’s totally what my blog has turned into, except I went private to protect my childrens privacy.

  2. WHOOHOO! i’m excited!

    seriously. i get that way to. and well people have to know, it’s my blog. my persceptions. my feelings. MY REALITY! and DAMN IT! i’m gonna share it, if i want to. and everyone that might take offense well, they can suck it.

    take back the blog!

    it’s not free therapy when you feel like you are censoring yourself.

    i am STOKED.

    and hey, i’m still a stranger.

  3. I loved this post! I haven’t commented in way too long.. but I am still reading! 🙂

    I have the same feelings.. when too many people you know in real life are reading it some how changes what I write.. I even started a new blog but just keep posting the same things.. I am always afraid of hurting someone.. privacy.. or whatever.. I am a tell it like it is person.. anyway.. just rambling.. loved your post, glad you are feeling better. LOVE the picture of you and your sister!

  4. ♥ I think it's awesome! I love how you said Don't do it if you don't want it blogged about! Seriously true! 🙂

  5. Blech. So true.

    Before Sirri’s cancer no one I knew in real life read my blog. (Well VERY few.) Then somehow my whole ward got a hold of my blog address to keep up on Sirri’s progress and now here we are. Me not wanting to write cause it’s not nearly as fun. I mean really….do I want my whole ward knowing that I threw Connor in bed the other night?!!?!??!

    So, be brave and we will follow!

  6. Amen! Totally agree. I’ve had similar feelings about my blog lately…it just ain’t the same as when I started. You go girl…time to put the sass back in!

    Ditto what Lisa-Maria said. Be brave and we will follow. 😀

  7. I have been a follower here for some time now and I don’t usually comment but this post is definitely one that I should have written. My blog initially was to be exactly like you described yours to be but went way off that track. Lately I am striving to get it back to what I intended it to be. Good luck!

  8. I could just say ditto to Amy’s comment. I’m not sure if I’ve commented on here or not, but I had to comment today. I completely identify. I’ve debated starting a new blog and being anonymous, or going private but I don’t really want to do either.. I think you’ve got the answer!

  9. ya, right, you mean? i can’t wait for the good, bad and ugly! i can’t live without your blog!

  10. Good for you! I can’t wait to have “Laurie” back on the net. 🙂 Just don’t post any ugly pictures of me, K?

  11. Can I say: I have noticed the difference!!! It's like all your feisty & funny packed up and left…well, not all your funny 🙂

    I am proud of you for saying this. Girlfriend, BE YOURSELF!!! Say it all.

    Being real is being free.

  12. P.S. I should add, I was a wimp and handled this by going private. And, it works for me…I love it.

  13. I TOTALLY get it! The post is exactly what I’ve been thinking about too…and my blog is even private. You gave me the inspiration to say what I want to say!!

    p.s. – at the beginning of the post I was about to comment that I’ll stop reading your blog if it makes you feel better – but then I finally “got” what you were saying – and I TOTALLY agree with you — say it all girl! Because you know your friends will ALWAYS be there for you!!

  14. Good for you! That’s one of the reasons I’ve been following your blog for over a year now…in fact, I think I follow your personal blog more than I read your Tip Junkie blog {wink, wink}. I love reading your authentic, whacky, hilarious posts!
    Thanks Laurie, for keeping it “real”!

  15. I totally understand what you mean. I have also put a filter on my thoughts…….hard to believe I know.

  16. Had to stop and tell you how much I enjoy & admire Tip Junkie, but THIS blog/post is by far the best. I am a stranger but have held off blogging for exactly these reasons… Want to start a journal of our (business) farm life w/ridiculous critters n kids but worried about who'd be offended and public/private issue… Thank you for sharing and encouraging all us gals to "keep it real!" Pretty pics, creative ideas and funny stories are all great but real life as it is can be the most inspiring!
    Best wishes to you and your blog!

  17. Ohhhhh…I so agree! I get so frustrated because I use to love to blog and now it is just something else to do.

  18. I’ve fallen into that trap too. I have struggled with only showing the good stuff cause it can be a bit dicey to air out your dirty laundry. At the same time, though, this is our art, our voice, our release.

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