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Splash Day

Thanks to the pig flu splash day was rescheduled. The school district did a great job in freaking my kids out by cancelling everything.

Now that the epidemic has been diverted, the life of an 8 year old can go on with water games also known as Splash Day.

I think the kids had a little bit of fun. I’m not quite sure though. {{reeking with sarcasm}}

Having kiddos 2 years apart, it’s always double duty and after giving Dylan his due attention, Drake and I headed on over to Davis’ classroom for lunch.

Drake was more concerned about stealing Davis’ Doritos than anything else.

One of his favorite people is in Davis’ class and I finally got him to go over into the circle of girls and have lunch with her. {{evil laugh}} With a bag full of cheesy goodness and 8 girls giggling and playing with him; I was able to have a nice lunch and conversation with Davis.

Near the end, one of Davis’ male classmates came over to him and whispered in his ear, “Does Drake want to marry Emily?” (sister of Davis’ classmate) I started cracking up!! Leave it to a bunch of 4th graders to find great pleasure in the crush of a 3 year old. Geeze, they have one track minds.

2 thoughts on “Splash Day

  1. I heard about all the school in Texas that canceled. How long were your kids out of school?

    Splash days looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Our district didn’t end up closing. Thank heaven! They did cancel or reschedule all the field trips, meetings, and extra fun things for the end of the year.

    The neighboring district was out a week, I think.

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