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Gettin’ my Craft On

Well, I did it! I chopped off my hair. It’s been over 3 years of growing out the A-line bob to come to the realization that my thin hair is better off short.

I wasn’t able to properly take care of my high maintenance locks during my 4 month stint at recovery. Since I didn’t have the strength to roll brush my hair any longer I used hot rollers. Although it was uber quick and gave my hair body – it also made it extra crispy. My ends were fried, I was tired of the length, and ready for a dramatic change.

In the fall I’m going to dye it dark! {{evil laugh}} I can’t wait.

I’m also up to my eye balls in paper projects. I finally resorted to using my dining room table to lay it all out and get it done.

I made 75 invitations to our June Enrichment for church. It’s a survivor theme for food storage. I was over-the-top excited to find teal camo ribbon!

I also made party favors for Jen’s bridal shower. I just used those little Chinese take out boxes and hot glued flowers to the front. Inside is an assortment of chocolaty goodness.

I’m now in charge of the bulletin board for church and have 2 projects to finish for Davis’ graduation party next week. It’s a lot all at once, but I’m so happy to be back in the saddle again. It’s been too long.

Wednesday night was Tatiana’s birthday party. It was so great to see friends again and have some girl time. It was a much needed break and blast.

Ahh, that’s the last picture of me with long hair. {{sniff}}

One thought on “Gettin’ my Craft On

  1. you are beautiful! you could shave your hair and still be beautiful! I love the new haircut. i wish i had some guts to do an extreme different hairstyle. i just stick to my boring ponytail style (if you can even call it a style!)

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