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Going Away Party

It’s been a Woodruff weekend as my darling friend Jen is getting remarried and moving to Arizona. It’s bitter-sweet as I am so happy for her but will miss her terribly.

Her kiddos are my kiddos ages and they are a blast to be around. Her boys are more outgoing and adventurous than mine and have been such good examples to them. I have thoroughly enjoyed having Ella in my home as she’s a burst of fresh air in this testosterone filled home.

Jen has many talents and glides through life with elegance despite the difficult challenges she’s had to face. She’s been an inspiration on how to handle adversity and an asset on how to handle my ADHD son. I’ll miss my go-to-girl for advice and straight forward how-to with the school.

Jen also knows how to throw a party! Armed with $1 squirt cannons, water balloons, baseball, volleyball, and sand the kids had a blast.

The group of kids, even though large in number, were caring and made sure everyone got a chance to play. I was really impressed with the sportsmanship shown and how everyone was just there to have a good time.

The water spout was the focus for my kids as they constantly filled up their water cannons. Davis may have squirted several adults a couple times while trying to get his water as high in the air as possible. Hasn’t his mother taught him better! {{geeze}}

Davis playing volleyball is a sight to behold. I had to remind him a couple times that he can’t build a sand castle on the court. {{I’m not kidding}}

I’m sure the volleyball players won’t appreciate the new sand castles and motes that now surround their court. However, the kids had so much fun creating them.

Drake wasn’t strong enough to use his water cannon, so he used it to poke holes in the sand. The boy was so stoked at his new talent. He did this for at least 20 minutes. It was too funny.

The party was well planned and executed. Everyone had something to do and it was a nice send off for the kiddos to their new life in AZ. We wish them happiness and unity in their new adventure. With Jenn as their mom, I know they’ll have it.

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  1. looks like you all had a wonderful going away party! It is hard to see a good friend move. But Az is a great place to move to! Well in the summer it is HOT great place to move to.

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