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The New Tip Junkie

The boys had vacation bible school last week as well as started swim team. Our first meet is tomorrow! It’s been a crazy week as Jason and I have been putting the final touches on Tip Junkie’s make over.

Today is the day! My little girl is all grown up and has on some new digs. What do you think?

Jason has been working for over 2 months learning WordPress and PHP code to bring Tip Junkie to the next level. It’s still not completely done as we’ll be tweaking it and making it more user friendly and cohesive over the next several weeks.

Monday I will host a Going Dot Com Birthday Bash and give away 50 amazing prizes. I hope you’ll come on by and participate. I’ve been entering giveaways to stock up on Christmas and birthday presents. Anything to save a buck these days. {{evil laugh}}

I’ve also created The Tip Junkie Community where creative women can network, market their products, and become a sisterhood. It launches tomorrow – so you’re the first to know about it!!

3 thoughts on “The New Tip Junkie

  1. Yea! I look forward to the Birthday Bash. I just have to say that I am so impressed with how your husband supports you in this endeavour. SO sweet. 🙂 Congrats on your new "baby" together. 🙂

  2. congrats!! i am so excited for tip junkie! you have worked so hard and jason is a great husband to help you so much.
    you rock!

  3. your "little girl" is the cutest little thang out there. so excited for all her success. you're one hard working mama!

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