Mother of Boys

Christmas in June

Look what the boys found hidden under the bed in the guest room. I cannot tell you how excited they were with their new found treasure.

I bought those huge candy canes for Christmas last year because I’ve never forgotten how I felt when I received one as a child. It was such a delight and surprise for me and I wanted to give that experience to my boys.

With my back drama, I had completely forgot that I had hid them there. I guess it’s not a total waste as it’s officially Christmas in June in our home. The boys are enjoying their minty delight in the middle of summer. {{yummy}}

5 thoughts on “Christmas in June

  1. totally awesome!
    i often lose things i plan on giving as gifts .

    so it's the gift that keeps on giving.
    spreads out the wonder a little!

    but now they know you hide stuff there, they might make a regular search spot.

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