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My Day Off

The past couple years, I’ve been keeping sane during the summer by getting a babysitter one day each week. This year my official day off is Wednesdays. {{squeal in delight}}

As Jason has been traveling so often, those days have become sacred and full of everything girly. I’ve been lunching with friends, seeing chick flicks, window shopping, and picking out new makeup.

Christina, Chanda, and I set up shop at Ulta one morning trying on make up, hair accessories, and taking advantage of the makeup assistants.

Being at the pool 3 hours a day – my skin is a bit bronzed and my regular makeup is no longer the right color. Did you know that the People Magazine articles with celebrities without make up; actually do have on tinted moisturizer!?!

Once I realized the truth, I was off to try it out myself. I ended up with the Smashbox moisturizer and I really like it! I just rub it on, add a little Bear Mineral warmth on my checks, and off I go.

My new favorite mascara is the new one by 2000 Calorie. It’s fabulous as it doesn’t flake, rub off, and it extends my lashes like the expensive brands.

Next week it’s home decor shopping in Dallas. I can’t WAIT!!

3 thoughts on “My Day Off

  1. how fun to have a weekly date set for yourself! sounds like you will be having all kinds of fun adventures! can't wait to read all about them!

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