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Growing Up is Hard to Do

It’s official, Davis is now acting like a tween. He’s been begging to mow the lawn as well as displaying his independence. Davis has new found abilities like washing the car and doing mom’s chores to earn money.

It’s a new stage for us that we are both excited about and both a little weary. I can tell that he desperately wants to grow up however, he still wants the perks of being a young kid. He’s completely torn between these worlds as displayed with his complete meltdowns a couple times a day.

It’s important to him that I “listen to what he is saying” as he repeats this phrase several times a day. It’s quite comical as he doesn’t realize that asking in a more grown up way will not change my answer to “yes”. {{wink}}

I realize that it’s important to him that I talk to him and treat him differently; so I’ve been trying to be more aware of my tone and how I approach him. I admit this is going to take a little getting used to as I still see him as my little boy (and he still acts like one).

He’s also been more affectionate and seems to need a lot of hugs and encouragement. This part is easy! I hope he lets me hug and squeeze him forever.

Although this transition is a bit of a tough one I’m relieved to see that my little guy is budding into a bright young man.

4 thoughts on “Growing Up is Hard to Do

  1. HA! Yep – those were good times. Oh the memories. But we'll keep those to ourselves. {{wink}}

    I think it was only like 9 months old when we went to Nauvoo. Girl, I'll have that van forever. Oldie but goodie. 🙂

  2. Oh, that is so happening at my house too. It's not fair that we have to keep adjusting along with them.

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