Mother of Boys

Skater Boi

Obi Wan: “News just in! My bros Davis & Dylan just got skateboards.”

Astronaut: “That is totally tubular dude. Are their skills gnarly?”

Obi Wan: “Robot is on the scene and here to report if they are sketchy or smooth…”

Look out Avril, I’ve now got 2 Skater Boi’s! Dude. Davis and Dylan are growing up right before my eyes. I think they grew an inch the morning we took then to buy their first skateboards. They’re now walking taller and will be speaking slang in no time. {{heaven help me}}

Man that is off the hook, where’d you get that shirt? Dude, Davis that kickflip was diamondz!

Man, you get mad props for that skill. Dude it’s totally killer. I noticed Davis is pumping mongo. Did he just 50-50 that double kink?


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