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Slim and Sculpt

After months of working out alone, I’ve finally gotten a work out partner! His form is fantastic for his first time! Notice he’s totally looking at the TV screen to know what to do. {{snicker}}

It’s about time that I retire my latest workout routine, 10 Minute Solutions Slim & Sculpt Pilates.


I can queue up several 10 minute work outs or do just 1.
It’s quick.
I like using the band.
It works.

Cons: I’m bored to tears with it.

Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Slim and Sculpt

  1. I recommend any of Lindsey Brin's workouts. They're all focused just for moms. I love them. Check them out at: momsintofitness.com

  2. I always lurk on your blog but wanted to say I totally recommend Zumba! I love it and it is a ton of fun. THey do have workout dvd's but you should check gyms near you for a class. It is a great workout.

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