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I’ve Got Moves You’ve Never Seen Before

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Lisa and I were making dinner and playing around in the kitchen, when I busted out my moves. Yes it’s true, I’m a girl with mad skills on the dance floor. Here’s me bustin’ a grove. {{FOTFL!}}

Running Man

The Sprinkler

The Q-Tip

Kid ‘n Play

Beyonce Pump Rock

It can get a little crazy when Lisa and I are together. 🙂 We’ll be seeing a lot more of each other as she bought a house 1 neighborhood away. Whoohooo!! They move in August 28th. {{hands in the air}}

9 thoughts on “I’ve Got Moves You’ve Never Seen Before

  1. love the dance moves! especially the sprinkler and the q-tip!!!
    i am jealous that your sis moved sooo close to you! one day that would be my dream to live by my sis! i will just have to settle foe e-mails and phone calls since we are on opposite sides of the u.s.
    so live it up!

  2. I love your dance moves just as much as I love both your blogs! So happy your sister gets to live around the corner! You always brighten up my day. You have even inspired me to start my own blog once my kids start back to school. Thanks

  3. You are too cute. But, next time I want a full on dance video!

    The sprinkler is my favorite, but I am unfamiliar with the "Q-tip." So, maybe an instructional video would be great!

    btw, I love the spoon on your kitchen wall.

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