These Dadgum Entitled Teens

Wendy and I are at our neighborhood pool with all our kids, minding our own business, when we hear the lifeguards whistle and ask that everyone get out of the pool.

This is actually a common occurrence at our community as I believe the teenage lifeguards have way to much control. They close the pool down due to weather and urban legend “fecal matter” excuses all the time. I’ve believed for some time that the lifeguards are secretly working together to get the day off.

Today they proved it! In fact they owned up to it when they all decided that they would close down the pool because they are going to STRIKE! No, I’m not kidding.

Apparently the company they work for, which our association sub-contracted to run the pool, isn’t paying them their proper wages. {{like I give a crap}}

You can imagine my reaction when an 18 year old tells me that I need to leave because he’s not being paid properly. I told him that he doesn’t have the authority to close the pool. He needs to be adult about it and take it to the proper management on his day off. {{yada yada yada}}

What made me even more enraged was the fact EVERYONE actually left with out a fight! Since when do we let 18 year olds tell us what to do.

I wasn’t going to leave! However, Wendy (as kind as she always is) understood their plight. We decided to be the adults and walk up to our clubhouse and take it to the proper authorities, HOA management.

The Hoff would be seriously disappointed in these dadgum entitled teenagers who think that they can empty a 5 pool neighborhood community at their whim.

Our neighborhood association lady in charge told them that they need to get back up in their lifeguard stands or she would have them terminated. Shoot Yeah!

You can imagine the lecture my boys got on the ride home. There are times that you may think you’re hot stuff – but everyone is accountable to someone. I’m quite sure that several of those teens will be looking for new jobs in the morning with tainted resumes to remind them of their ego issues.


10 thoughts on “These Dadgum Entitled Teens

  1. Way to stand up to those brats. Gosh, what idiots. Wow, what if someone got hurt as a result of their immaturity?

    For some reason that reminded me of the stupid walk-out they had at our HS. Do you remember that? They thought they wouldn't be punished but all of them got some kind of punishment. That was hilarious!

  2. That's so funny you mentioned that Heather! When the lifeguards were giving their excuses, I had a flash back of that day. Oh the drama and excitement that created. hehe

  3. Though I am only 19 and have a child I would say I have some power, but that was crazy for them to do. Like really who would care that they pay was crappy. Maybe they should go to college get a degree and have a nice job if they want more money. Im just sayin.

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