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Just Another Day at the Lake

With summer winding down, I’m really going to miss our family trips to the lake. Here we are in Lake Murry in Oklahoma with Jason’s mom and 2 of his co-workers and their families. It was such a kick back day.

The boys loved spending time with Gramma Betty. Her visit was short but we really enjoyed her company and it was a happy reunion. It had been quite a while since her last visit and it was lovely to see her once again.

Can you believe I had to threaten the boys get on the jet skiis? Geeze! Sometimes I think anxiety takes over and they just need that extra push {{no PS3 or Wii}} to get them to participate. Of course once they got on, they had a blast on the jet skiis and the tube.

The men got their turn on the tube and took it to an entirely different level! Jason held out for quite a while, but a tube just can’t tolerate certain G-forces. {{bwaaaah!}}

I wish every day could be a warm, calm day at the lake. It’s been my saving grace this summer.

These are the moments I’m going to remember and cherish. Beautiful.

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