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Totally 80’s

Like, no way! I just got invited to a RAD party at the skating rink! Time to grab my newest rock band shirt and do some shredding. I’m such a groupie. {{totally}}

Leslie (birthday girl) and John (as Richard Simmons)

I’ve been wanting to throw an 80’s party for years. However, there’s no way I could have planned a better party than this one! Leslie celebrated her 40th birthday by reserving the skating rink and 80’s apparel was required. {{squeal in delight}}

Here we all are dressed to the 9’s in our best 80’s inspired outfits. Holy cow we’re a beautiful sight! Chanda was born in the eighties so she came as a little girl. {{awe sweet}}

Anessa’s clothing was all authentic!! Yep, the jean jacket, high-waisted jeans, and LA gear shoes. Talk about impressive.

These girls were straight up fabulous. The middle one is dressed up as Star Bright!

On the Rink:

What’s so funny about Lisa D’s hair is that my mom did my sister’s hair this way for YEARS! Yep, even with alternating colors of scrunchies. {{bwaaah!}}

Cheryl and I on the rink.

We even had couples skating, red light – green light, and Thriller. Dude, I had such a great time. LeAnne made a rubics cube cake which apparently I didn’t get a picture of – but it was amazing! I may have had 2 pieces. {{evil laugh}}

With all the shoulder pads, units, leg warmers, hoop earings, blue eye shadow, layered necklaces, lace gloves, big hair, and RAD music – I was surrounded by crazy memories of the past. {{good times}}

Jason was out of town so he missed out on all the festivities. Poor guy. What was so funny is the next day, a couple of us met up for lunch and they said their men felt like women looked better dressed up with big hair. WHAT!?!

That just doesn’t sound right. So what do you think, should we bring back the 80’s fashion?

9 thoughts on “Totally 80’s

  1. For me:
    Big hair = yes (always!:)
    High waisted jeans = no
    multiple bracelets = yes
    multiple rubber bracelets = no

    Looks like a great time. I KNOW you were itching for an 80's party. Looks like ya'll had a great time.

  2. To defend my self; #1. Lisa was born in 1981 – so she was a VERY young child when we did her hair that way. #2. Her hair was super fine and whispy and there wasn't a whole lot we could do with it. #3. Lisa LIKED her hair done this way and would REQUEST IT !!! #4. Laurie, during this same time period, would sometimes go to school with 5 or 6 bows in her hair, all of of which had dangling ribbons, flowers, and beads. #5. Lisa looked perfectly adorable with her hair done this way (she didn't like bows) and we called it her "Palm Tree" – it was SOOOOOOO CUTE !!!!!!!

  3. LOL-
    Laurie, you look like one totally Hot 80's Chick!!

    I would love an 80's party- and I have been looking at the new fall catalogs and they are actually 80's inspired- just not soooo big.
    Very fun 🙂

  4. ♥ FABULOUS!!! Seriously what an awesome party! I love all the outfits! You look smashing!!! 🙂

  5. Oh my god, I laughed out loud at this post! You totally rocked the look girl! And who didn't have alternating scrunchies?!! I know the cool kids did 🙂 Thanks for the flash back!

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