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Good Bye College Station

It has finally happened, Lisa sold her house! Her last weekend in College Station was a big one as my youngest brother gave a talk and sang at church, and it was my middle brother’s birthday. So we all gathered as a family to do some bonding “Mills-style”. {{loud & rowdy}}

Lisa had already packed her house, so all that was left was just some minor hole plugging and painting.

After wrapping one of Lisa’s friends house, we decided to reek havoc at our youngest brother, Scott’s house. The dude didn’t have one tree in him yard. {{lame}} So when he happened to be jogging by – we attacked him. Poor guy, was scared half to death! {{evil laugh}}

I had so much fun at Lisa’s church. During Sacrament meeting the toddler in front of us was playing with this laminated quiet book. Oh yes I did!

I asked her if I could take pictures of it for my Executive Homemaker blog. She said yes. {{squeal in delight}}

Lisa and I ended up going to Young Women’s (because they had food) and who did I run into? Yep, Rochelle’s mini me!! I swear this is what RO would look like if she was 16 right now. Isn’t she adorable. I asked her to do a fun pose and she was all over it. {{fabulous}}

I was very impressed with my brother Scott’s talk and his voice is absolutely beautiful. He did an amazing job. I was glad I was able to be there and meet his girlfriend. It was weird being in a Singles Ward again. Talk about a meat market and some serious good people watching. {{snicker}}

Dinner with the family was great. Scott brought his girl friend for us to meet and she broke up with him a couple days later. I think she was just too straight laced to be a Mills. I’m quite sure we scared her off. Poor Scott.

It was such a fun weekend. I haven’t laughed and played that hard in a while. I packed up some of Lisa’s valuables and drove back home to reality.

Good Bye College Station!

2 thoughts on “Good Bye College Station

  1. Ha ha – that is Rochelle! So apparently, Lisa is in MY ward now. (Did you know that? Did I know that?) Anyway, Craig said he saw her and Billy last week. Of course he didn't say hi to them or anything – what a nice guy. But I'm excited. YAY!!!

  2. That's pretty funny. I am sure she was gorgeous and just loaded with personality, right?!?!

    Very excited to have Lisa and Billy in our ward.

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