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Dylan – King for a Day

Happy Birthday Dylan!!

Dylan is now officially 9 years old! I could’t be more proud of this little guy. He has worked hard and has earned his Wolf in Cub Scouts, is an excellent soccer player, and has developed a love for reading.

This year we’ve decided not to host a friend birthday party. The boys and I are seriously bummed about it. However, it was my decision and just another way we are cutting back and focusing on the family.

Therefore, this year we’ll be doing “King for a Day!” instead of the traditional friend party. I made Dylan a crown pancake for breakfast. (his favorite)

We brought cupcakes for his class and Chick-fil-a for lunch (his favorite).

These three little darlings helped me celebrate Dylan’s big day and made it more of a party.

When Dylan came home from school he had to rush off to Scouts where I supplied more cupcakes to celebrate his big day. He came home to our own little celebration.

Jason was in Russia and Dylan didn’t want to wait to open presents until he came home. So we Skyped him into our party. Thanks to modern technology he didn’t miss a thing.

Dylan loves to play with mini action figurines and his latest obsession is Gormitti. He sets up these elaborate battle sequences and let’s him imagination run wild. {{love it}}

Gramma Betty bought him Disney Monopoly and we’ve been playing it at least one a week as a family. When we’re not playing with it – Dylan has all the pieces incorporated into his battle scenes. It’s pretty funny.

We ended the day with his favorite meal – Mac & Cheese! It was such a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday Dylan! Thank you for being the peacemaker in our home and showing unconditional love to everyone. You’re Davis’ best friend and you’re Drakes best friend. That’s really hard to do and you pull it off brilliantly!

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