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Daddy’s Home – Time to Par-Tay!

After a couple weeks of Jason being in Russia, the day he got home it was party time! {{no time for jet lag}} The one thing Dylan wanted to do for his birthday was to go laser tagging. So we met up with one of our favorite families for some rock climbing and then headed over to Main Event for laser tag.

Dylan killed it! Only because Davis got a little scared at the beginning and refused to face his fears and go all the way up to the top. As soon as this happened Dylan’s competitive nature kicked in and he was all of a sudden a monkey climbing everything he could.

Drake was in heaven and felt like he could do what ever the big boys were doing.

Good times.

Huge thanks to this little guy for his loving example and encouraging Drake to go for it.

Megan (my dear friend) told Davis that she’d give him a dollar if he made it to the top.

It worked! That was the incentive he needed to face his fears and get to the top. After that, he was a ace.

Here I am with all the spider monkeys. We are most definitely going to have to make this a regular family outing as everyone gained so much confidence and had a blast!

Let them eat cake! After laser tag we went home and celebrated Dylan’s birthday one last time with cake and with Dad.

Ahhh… What a great day.

3 thoughts on “Daddy’s Home – Time to Par-Tay!

  1. So glad to hear from you! Man, I am so upset that we allow our lives to be sooo busy that sitting down to just leave a comment can be difficult! Sorry, it has been a long time checking in!! I enjoyed catching up with your last posts!

    I'm gald your family is all together again!

    Happy Fall!


  2. Spider monkeys is what I call a few of mine!

    I've thought about you a lot Laurie these past few months. I remember when you were at my home last spring and you told me about both of your sons diagnosis's. I remember thinking "holy crap". Now, I find myself in the same boat. I need to email you to see how you are doing and what is working for you. Thank you for staying in touch.

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