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Laurie’s M’s Lunch

It’s officially birthday season! One of the many fun things about the fall are all of the birthday parties that I get to attend. Many of my favorite people were born this time of year.

Typically I have terrible luck. Yes that’s a documented fact. However, when it comes to surrounding myself with fabulous people – I consider myself the luckiest person on the planet. (No bad juju in this regard.)

Recently we celebrated Laurie M’s birthday with a fabulous girls lunch. If I were to give Laurie M an award, it would be the Best Adventurous Mom award. As her priorities are having her kiddos in a lot of activities, their education, and family outings. They do a lot of family day trips and vacations together. It’s very important to her and as a result it has really bonded their family.

Laurie M has a very adventurous spirit and loves to be outside and be active. I love that about her. She’s a very hands-on mom, has an independent spirit, and is always on the go. She has a positive attitude and loves to plan for the future.

I love being around Laurie M as she reminds me (with her actions) that family is first and fun activities keep life fun and new. After seeing Laurie M, I’m always left with an uplifting feeling of family and motherhood. She makes me want to plan more outdoor activities and memories with my own family.

We’re looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with her family (and a few others) in Branson, MI this year. She found us such a fabulous place earlier this year where we can all stay together. I can’t thank her enough for helping me make these amazing memories for my kiddos.

It was such a great excuse to see all the girls.

These women are as beautiful inside as they are on the outside.

Wendy, Emily, and I also enjoyed the girl time and yummy food. I’m so grateful and blessed for these friendships. I truly feel that their influence makes me a better person and keeps me focus on my family.

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