Mother of Boys

Over and Out

After 34 months, Davis finally got his braces off. It’s been a long road with two different types of expanders, constant broken brackets, many trips to the ortho, and a lot of time wasted in the waiting room.

He’s such a handsome young man!

Here’s a picture of Davis before he had braces. Man, it seems like another lifetime ago.


Congratulations big guy! May you be diligent in wearing your retainer and brushing your teeth. Through this experience you found out first hand the price of beauty – and it was a doozy! I want you to know that the sacrifice on my part was great but worth it. I didn’t get braces until I was 18 and would have loved to have had the opportunity as a young child. You are growing up so fast and I couldn’t be more proud of the young man that you are turning out to be. Armed with a proper bite and a beautiful smile, my hope is that you avoid many of the trials I endured growing up. I would urge you to use that big beautiful smile liberally and in times of trial and uncertainty. I still don’t take mine for granted and feel that it’s a gift – use it often.

I love you more than the universe,

(a.k.a. The banker, dental assistant, and taxi driver)

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