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Surrounded by Beauty & Love

My love language is quality time so being around the people I adore who constantly inspire me and make me want to be a better mother and person; is truly heaven on earth.

For my birthday Wendy threw me a luncheon at my favorite Mexican restaurant. I was surrounded by beauty and love. The best thing about birthdays is how important and special everyone makes you feel. The past year has been a DOOZY and to finally be able to put all the crappy things that happened into the past and move forward with a new outlook on life, a renewed appreciate for life, and a zest for life is really refreshing.

(Last year was my 13th year of marriage and I was 33 years old. I’m not superstitious but geeze it was a terrible year!! Now I’ve been married 14 years and I’m 34 so I’m hoping all that bad juju will dissipate and I can enjoy life a little more.)

These are the women who watched my kids, who made me meals, who checked in on me often, and who continue to be there day in and day out. {{There’s a couple special women who aren’t in the picture – but you know who you are!!}}

I feel so incredibly blessed to be in the presence of these women and that they let me take a small role into their lives. My hope is that I can live up to their example and be deserving of their friendship. They mean the world to me.

Jason gave me this purse for my birthday – of course I bought it! {{evil laugh}} However, he did surprise me with a new pink camera! Now, I’ll have a working camera with me everywhere I go. I seriously feel like the paparazzi sometimes. {{giggle}}

Lisa made me this scrumptious bunt cake for my birthday with pureed raspberries to make the icing pink and a pink daisy in the middle. Now, that’s what I call LOVE. It was so yummy and I couldn’t get over the thought and work she put into it. Thanks Lisa W!

I had meant to tell Wendy “no gifts” as I know things are tight for everyone right now. However, the Ladies spoiled me rotten and I couldn’t have felt more loved and special with their thoughtful presents.

That evening, my sister Lisa threw me a birthday party with my Park Glen friends. They are the party animals that I just don’t get to see enough. Softball starts this week for our men, so I’m hoping that Friday night lights will keep me more involved in their lives.

Lisa really worked hard to make this happen. She had to kick her painter in the rear to get him finished with his work, unpack, and hang everything in her house. It took us a week of intensive labor to get things ready. I just adore her and can’t thank her enough for hosting such a crazy fun party.

Man, it was such a fun night. Everyone came to party to have a good time.

These women are not only gorgeous on the outside but they’re just as beautiful inside as well. I feel honored to be apart of the group.

Christina even came! {{squeal in delight}} It was so much fun to introduce my Bachelor-watching-partner with my peeps. She had such a great time and everyone made her feel apart of the gang. Seriously, I knew she would fit right in and she did.

Talk about going the extra mile – my Colleyville girls came to celebrate with me. It’s tough enough taking the night off of mommy responsibilities and sacrificing quite time – but they drove 20 minutes to come and party with me. That’s love, shoot yeah!

We played games, laughed, ate, and had the best time together. I honestly don’t know how I became so lucky as to be associated with these women. I felt like the luckiest girl on the planet that day. Huge hugs and gratitude for everyone who came to celebrate a new and more positive year. I’m praying my wish comes true.

For my thank you notes, I made these cards with flower clips on the outside and my “Friends are like Flowers” poem on the inside with a personalized and heartfelt note. They are taking me forever to do as I’m really trying to be thoughtful and let each person know how I feel about them and hopefully, make them feel as special as they made me feel on my birthday.

Too bad birthdays only come around once a year. What a wonderfully beautiful day.

9 thoughts on “Surrounded by Beauty & Love

  1. You are the cutest thing! So glad you have such great friends surrounding you- you truly deserve the best! Best Wishes for year 34!

  2. Happy, happy birthday. it looks like you had a really great day.

    You know you could find your half birthday, and quarter birthday and even 3/4 birthday. My kids would love it if you started that trend!!! 🙂

  3. wow!! what wonderful friends and sister!! i love Lisa's cake! looks yummy! so glad you had a great bday! you deserve only the best! i love your thank you flower clips! what a great idea! where did you pick up those cute flowers?? i love them! miss you girl! wish i could of been there to celebrate your bday with you!

  4. SO glad you had a great day and that you were felt loved – because you are!!

    {{And WOW, such sweet compliments… are you sure I was suppose to be on that guest list?! ;)}}

  5. Hey girly! Happy Late Birthday! I just discovered this blog. Duh.

    My b-day was on Sept. 24th. Sept girls are so cool:-)

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