Besties, Babies, and Bloggers – Oh My!

Last week I had the craziest weekend. Kristy (not pictured), Tricia, Lisa, Wendy, and I treated ourselves to a long awaited girls weekend. We ate at the yummiest Cuban restaurant then took our desserts to go and spent the night at a Hotel in Dallas.

We stayed up late giggling, chatting, and just enjoying the time together. (With out our little shadows.) The next morning the girls headed over to Canton to shop and I slept in. (Since I absentmindedly triple-booked my weekend.)

Back Story: The restaurant we went to had the most amazing cupcakes and cakes in the window as you walk in. So I was stoked about the dessert and couldn’t wait to have a cupcake. Well… when it came time to order – it turns out they don’t sell cupcakes. Can you say deceptive advertising.

Anywho, Kristy being the most thoughtful person on the planet, felt like I deserved my cupcake and brought me one Monday morning! I’m not kidding. Can you believe that!?! It seriously made my day!

Saturday afternoon I volunteered at M.E.N.D. (Mommies Enduring Neonatal Death) meeting to help out during their ‘walk to remember’ ceremony. I went to help out my darling friend Calli who lost a baby and is heavily involved in the charity.

The families wore t-shirts in memory of their baby’s, the had tables set up with memorabilia, and after the walk to remember, each family let a balloon launch and watched it float up to heaven. I was honored to help out.

It turns out Calli ended up adopting a 6 year old daughter the day before the event! Their family has been actively looking to adopt for a while now and I am so over-the-top excited for their joyous news.

That night my sister and I headed over to Flowermound to party with the Dallas Bloggers. TexasHolly and I hosted the event in conjunction with Office Max to promote “A Day Made Better” campaign which gives money and supplies to teachers.

You can read all about it from Amy’s post. Needless to say – we had a GREAT time.

Texas Holly house is amazing! Words can not describe the creativity and genius that went into designing her home. She designed it herself, complete with a huge tub which is filled by water coming out the ceiling! There’s not a splash – not kidding.

Holly even has a working telephone booth with a secret door at the back to a guest bathroom. Brilliant. It has the polish and sophistication of Pottery Barn with a Willy Wonka twist of surprises and secret places around every turn. It’s completely fabulous.

Huge thanks to Holly for giving us a tour of her home and letting us ooh and awe in complete amazement. I’m quite sure I drooled at one point my jaw was dropped open for too long. She’s such a gracious host and hands down so cool!

Texas Holly, me, Alyssa, and Amy. It was a highlight to be able to meet these lovely and talented ladies in real life. Each a power house in her own right.

Turns out Alyssa and I live so close to each other our kids go to the same school. Isn’t it so funny that you have to travel to meet your neighbors. I can’t wait to get to know her better she’s absolutely fantastic.

Huge thanks to all these lovely ladies for making the night so enjoyable! I was truly a delight to meet you!

More bloggers from the party:

See more silly photos from Amy on Flickr.

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  1. That was so much fun! I can't wait to hear about your Vegas trip!! How did your talk go? Scoop… šŸ™‚

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