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My Home for Halloween

We’re having a Virtual Tour of Homes over on Tip Junkie and showing off our fall decor.

Its fall and time to get the house ready for the new season! This is my front porch.

On the first day of October we filled up our Halloween Countdown Calendar with candy and started getting excited for my favorite holiday.

My son had an Indiana Jones birthday last year, so my Halloween decorations are more creepy this year as I’ve used many of his party decor.

Front door – inside

You can’t tell in this picture, but I taped several plastic spiders on the decor to make it more creepy for Halloween.

My boys LOVE these large spiders crawling down the iron banister.

The boys and I made these beaded pumpkins together one year and we relive the moment every time we tape them up.

Nook in study

My darling blogging friend Mique made me this BOO banner and I remember her every time I hang it up. I just LOVE my iron pumpkins.

That’s it, I hope you enjoyed a little tour of my home. I just love the fall!

8 thoughts on “My Home for Halloween

  1. I love the fall too!!! Thanks for the pics. It gives me some ideas and inspiration for decorating this season.

  2. I have a railing like yours, I should try your spiders. My four boys would love it!
    Your house looks fabulous. I love your iron pumpkins too, they are awesome!

  3. love all your decor!
    my tykes love having the house decorating for the holidays too, as do i since my mom did the same when i was growing up and i love to keep the tradition going in my own family!
    your boys are getting sooo big! they look great and happy, you are such a fun mom!

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