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How to Boo your Friends

One of our family traditions for Halloween is go be the Phantom or Boo our friends. Which means we ring & run and leave goodies at the door.

Wondering how to Boo your friends? First print out the poem then make a goodie bag or plate with yummy Halloween themed treats.

Getting out of the car w/ treats in tact is always the trickiest part. That pink cupcake kissed the ground. Which is why I always plan on incidentals and bring extras. {{no worries}}

(Actually I usually try to cover our goodie plates but this year it was too messy.)

Next, be reallysneeky and tip toe up to the door.

You’ve got to be extra quiet if then have a window by their door. No peeking in!

Leave your goodies at the door with the poem underneath so it won’t blow away.

Let the younger kids get a head start and once Mommy’s in the car – Ring and Run!

Lastly, come home and celebrate with Halloween goodies of your own. {{yummy}}

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