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The Annual Halloween Party

There are 3 parties that I look forward to every year. The Halloween party is one of them! It’s a crazy fun time where not only is it mandatory that you dress up BUT you also have to have a skit prepared.

It makes for an eventful night full of laughter and complete irreverence. I LOVE it!

This year we had quite the characters, here’s Indian w/ feather and dot.

Kate & Ozzie

My sister Lisa went as Beyonce, I went as Taylor Swift, and my BIL went as Kanye West. It’s not a stretch what our skit was. {{wink}}

Leslie & John’s magazine costumes where a huge hit!

Ozzie got a little out of “hand” and started it all. It’s totally Ozzie’s fault.

Next thing you know the party really got going.

Yep! Even I couldn’t resist getting in on the action. {{fotfl}}

Here’s our skit! I wish we had our practice round recorded because we rocked it but got a little disctracted during the final show. Enjoy!

{{sorry the video wouldn’t post. I’ve been working on it for HOURS. I’ll try again in the morning.}}

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