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Julie’s 40th Birthday

I cannot believe I am just now posting this. {{shame on me!}} We celebrated my dear friend Julie’s 40th birthday party last month. Julie ROCKS.

Julie is straight up one of the most fabulous people I know. Girlfriend IS the entire package: she’s an amazing mother, loving wife, caring friend, volunteers at school, focuses on her family, and is a party animal.

Julie has the best laugh! She’s goofy and adorable at the same time. Even though she’s drop dead gorgeous – you don’t feel intimidated by her beauty or be-littled by her grace or her talents.

She has the uncanny ability to make everyone around her feel loved and accepted. It’s truly remarkable. I love being around Julie as her positivity and laugh is contagious.

We all gathered for lunch to shower her with gifts, praise, and help her celebrate her big day.

It was a wonderful lunch!

I’m still trying to figure out my new camera. This is the group picture that our waiter took. Lame!

This is the group shot I took. Much better – but it looks like I’m going to have to read the manual. {{lame}}

For Julie’s 40th birthday – I made her a Shutterfly book with letters and pictures of the top 40 people in her life. Thanks to her sister and hubby it turned out amazing!! For days I had gathered letters and photos from Julie’s friends and family to put in the photobook. I wanted her to feel as special and loved as she truly is.

Unfortunately, there was a glitch in my express shipping and the book didn’t arrive in time for her lunch. {{pulling hair out}}

Of course when I got home it was at my door step! So I met Julie in her home with her daughters and gave her the book. Julie loved the book, she laughed, and she cried. It was beautiful.

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