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The Things That Make Me Giggle

I just love October. It’s right after a month full of birthday fun and I’m still giddy and happy from all the celebrations and excuses to see dear people in my life and to show them how much I adore them.

It’s also the only month my boys will wear matching shirts! {{evil laugh}}

I love easy and fun gift ideas. Amy gave me this fun Halloween gift for hosting the Dallas GNO party. I believe she’s hooked you up with a free download for this label from her blog. She gave me extras to use for friends. Seriously, so thoughtful.

Main Attic Before

October is also when I clean out my attics. The weather is usually cooler which makes it bearable to get in a get my hands dirty. I’m an attic-aholic. I’m in my attics at least 2-3 times a month swapping out toys, decor, etc.

I took everything out of the attic and organized it the way I like it, in a semi-circle. Which gives access to everything I need when I need it.

The boys had a blast rummaging through all their old toys and fun things I stash away for the winter months. You know, when they’re completely bored and want something new to play with.

Main Attic After

I know, I’m a crazy person with OCD tendencies. I’m totally OK with that. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be healthy enough to lug these heavy bins all on my own and to organize this space. I love to organize it makes me giggle.

3 thoughts on “The Things That Make Me Giggle

  1. LOVE the t-shirts and your cute little thank-you treat! What a fun friend.
    But I am seriously jealous of your attic and it's organization. I'm totally in the mood to get my garage put back together…and clean things OUT for good! Thanks for the inspiration…

  2. I truly wish I had the love of organization. My husband wishes I had it too! But I always get inspiration from your OCD tendencies!

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