Mother of Boys

I’m officially a Soccer Mom

It’s official, I am a soccer mom. All 3 of my boys are in soccer this season. This is Davis’ first year for the sport and let’s just say “he’s not that into it”.

That’s totally ok. I believe in exposing my children to many different things. Davis has learned the rules of soccer and now has a really good idea of how the game is played. That was my main goal.

Dylan on the other hand loves it! He takes initiative and really gets into the game. I think we’ve found his sport.

Drake won’t potty train but the little man will play soccer. He loves to kick the ball and get dressed up like the big boys.

The only problem is that his team mates won’t “give” him the ball. He runs after it with all his might but they won’t share.

It really bums him out. He has even sat down in the middle of the field and put his head in his lap. It was actually quite funny!

Practices are a lot more fun because they play games and afterwards he gets to play on the play ground.

We have spent a LOT of time on the play ground this fall. The bonus is that it makes bedtimes a lot easier. {{wink}}

After 3 nights of practices a week and 3 games on Saturday, our schedule is a bit crazy.

Now you know what I’ve been doing and why updating my blog has been so difficult. 🙂 I’m out on the field!

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