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Halloween Recap – ‘Bout Time

You can always tell life is completely insane when I don’t update my blog for a holiday. Especially to commemorate my favorite one – Halloween!

I took the boys to Dylan’s school carnival. The PTA seriously outdid themselves this year as it was completely OTT with a variety of things to do. Drake loved the petting zoo.

We all had a great time. Drake had a hard time trying to decide what prize to pick after each game.

The only problem we encountered was when Drake discovered the bounce houses. He ran me ragged running from one bounce house to the other the rest of the time we were there.

Davis has the best luck of anyone I know. The little guy was banned last year from the cake walk because he won EVERY TIME he participated. He was completely devastated last year when it happened.

This year he took things into his own hands and after winning twice in a row, told the principle that he was banning himself this year. This way all the other kids would have a turn to win. Such a sweetie – looks like we’re growing up. 🙂

Unfortunately, Dylan has my luck. {{Poor little guy.}} He finally did win something (after like 8 tries) at the cake walk but it was a 4 pack of muffins. He was stoked until he saw the Halloween cookies and huge pumpkin cake Davis won.

For Halloween we went trick-or-treating with Lisa & Billy, and Wendy & her family.

Davis went as Duke from GI-Joe, Drake as Lightening McQueen’s pit crew chief, and Dylan went as a ninja. Can you tell I let them each pick out their own costumes this year? {{giggle}}

I broke out my brunette barbie pony tail for the occasion. Dude, I love that hair. Although not as much as I love the man in the picture. {{smooches}}

Here’s the gang all together ready to get juiced on sweets.

They had a complete blast! I actually did too. The men stayed at home and passed out candy while Lisa and Wendy kept me thoroughly entertained as we went from house to house. Drake really got into it this year and went to each door with the kids. I was able to hang with the adults which made things a lot easier and more fun.

Lastly, here is the Beyonce, Kanye, and Taylor Swift spoof that my sister, Billy, and I did for our mandatory Halloween party skit. We completely nailed it during practice but got a little distracted by all the laughing during our live performance.

Oh well. And yes that’s a little girls leotard I’m wearing. $13 bucks baby! Enjoy and I hope it gives you a good laugh. Billy nailed it!!

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