My 1st Speaking Gig – SITScation

I got the opportunity a couple weekends ago to speak at a blogging conference, SITScation in Las Vegas. I was stoked when Tiffany first asked me and felt honored to be included with the other experienced speakers.

Since I was unfamiliar with other speakers I Googled them and found some controversial stuff about 2 of them and had read some of their more colorful Twitter messages. I e-mailed Tiffany back to make sure that I would be a good fit at the conference. As you know, I am a conservative and a optimistic person. Ok let’s face it – I’m an ultra positive person. You won’t find f-bombs and twitter fighting from the Tip Junkie. My message is to lift people up – not drag them through the mud.

At any rate – Tiffany assured me that I would be a great fit at the conference and those women would tone it down and most certainly speak to this more conservative audience. And they did! It was a weekend full of girl power, positive messages, and powerful networking.

I was most surprised at how connected I felt to these women I had never met before. Since the conference was hosted by the SITSgirls – it was their readership that attended. However, I was familiar with most of the women and we all bonded immediately!

We walked the red carpet, danced at the cocktail party, took tons of pictures, and enjoyed meeting each other. This was my first blogging conference to attend and I most certainly exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait for the next one in Nashville, Blissdom ’10 here I come! {{giggle}}

Some of you have stroked my ego a little and have asked if could post my presentation. The full version is really long – over 40 minutes. So, here’s a short blurb of my speech for SITScation. Basically, I spoke about 6 tips and incorporated stories and analogies, then I spotlighted someone in the audience who I felt has incorporated that tip into their blog, Tip Junkie style. It turned out really cool.

Yes, I made Leah cry as she was stunned with the recognition. She’s absolutely adorable and is an inspiration in her own right.

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Here’s my Whrrl story of the weekend with twitter links so you can follow some of the people if you’d like.

Overall it was an amazing experience. I’ve even talked on the phone since I’ve been home with several of the women I met and feel like I made friends for life.

When I got home Monday morning I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with an ear & lung infection. I started feeling bad on Thursday but of course ignored it because I had a job to do. Physically I was feeling terrible all weekend and my throat was killing me – but emotinally I was on cloud 9 and felt so blessed to be apart it all.

Holla to all my new peeps. I can’t wait to party with you again in February!

6 thoughts on “My 1st Speaking Gig – SITScation

  1. You did a great professional job at Sits. Are you speaking at Blissdom? I will be there. Loved your talk and message.


  2. I'm so glad you'll be there Cynthia! I'm not sure if I'm speaking at Blissdom. I sent in my video to be considered so we'll see.

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