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Fabulous Friends

My darling friend Christina celebrated her 30th birthday with a big shin dig over at the club house. She’s not only both of my boys 3rd grade teacher – she’s a dear friend.

Christina has the biggest heart and it completely shows by the people who attended her party. There were fellow teachers, parents of previous students, and long time friends who flew in from California to help her celebrate. One of her old co-workers drove 4 hours from Houston to party with her on her big day. Seriously so cool!

Christina’s son has autism and many of her friends there also either had children of their own or work with children with special needs. It was a room full of people who get each other, appreciate each other, and just adore Christina.

I was honored to be in attendance and celebrate such a cool milestone in her life. She completely rocks and I love our time together.

A couple days later I met up with Alyssa from Keeping the Kingdom First blog. We met at the Dallas girls night out and it turns out our kids go to the same school! Very cool.

We had lunch at Jasons Deli and chatted about everything: motherhood, blogging, conferences, coupons, etc. She’s darling and I’m stoked that we live so close to each other. We might even travel to Blissdom ’10 together. Whoohoo! {{finger crossed}}

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