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All in a Tuesday

Mom life is a bit hectic right now. My oldest is full force into adolescence which comes with many new experiences. I’ve been reading like a maniac (while in the carpool line and random places when I have a couple minutes) and trying to get a grasp on this new life.

Since Davis started Intermediate school, I have felt a huge disconnect in our relationship. Things have been stressful at home. Therefore, I decided to volunteer on Tuesdays in Davis’ classroom during the Science lab and then we go to lunch together.

I love being there on Tuesdays. It’s a GT class (gifted and talented) so they do the coolest labs! It’s been really fun to see Davis present his project that he’s made with his team.

Davis pretty much ignores me during class and lets me get my work done. (I kindly return the favor.) We usually get to leave first and walk hand in hand to the cafeteria. During that time I listen to all kinds of chatter as he tells me everything and anything that’s on his mind.

It’s been a relief to have this time to focus just on him.

Right after lunch with Davis, I swing through Sonic and grab lunch and 2 route 44 Diet Cokes, easy ice, with lime, for me and Christina (Dylan’s teacher). Then I head on over just in time to have lunch with Dylan.

I guess some might think it’s kind of silly to pay to have my youngest in pre-school so I can hang out with my older 2 boys. (Many days I do too.) However, with the stress of life and the constant work load that I have, it’s so nice to just hang out for 35 minutes and talk to their friends and really let them know that I am there. No matter what, every week.

After lunch, I only have about an hour before Drake gets home. This time, I got my eyebrows threaded. Finally! I was growing an intense uni-brow that has been somewhat embarrassing lately. I’ve been using a new chic and she HURTS. She uses a different technique and she’s really slow. It’s such a bummer. I’ve got to find out where the other “threader” girl is.

I ended last Tuesday at The Pioneer Woman’s book signing in Dallas with Erica and LeAnne. We were able to buy our cookbooks already signed.

We met up with Amy and had such a fun time. Sadly, we had to leave before we could actually meet Ree. I had a babysitter and had to get home. Amy didn’t get to meet her at 2 am. Holy Cow!

btw: I LOVE the cookbook! It’s set up just like a blog with step-by-step pictures and tutorials. She also cooks comfort food, which is my favorite. I just might actually have to cook something out of it one day. I mainly went to support a fellow blogger and congratulate her on her success. However, the book is so BEAUTIFUL it would make an amazing Christmas gift.

4 thoughts on “All in a Tuesday

  1. You are so smart to recognize the need to spend alone time with your older kids! It is a cue that I will take from you–spend more time with my big girls. (I don't have that much left, sniff, sniff)

  2. It's *wonderful* that you take the time to be a part of your older kids' daily lives, and lets them know how much you care 🙂

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