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Happy Birthday Wendy

My dear friend Wendy had a birthday! Lisa and I felt that Wendy shouldn’t have to order her own cake, so Lisa made her one and I supplied the flower. I totally got the better end of that deal! HA!

Later that afternoon, Lisa brought over several chocolate covered strawberries for ME! Holymoly what a treat. They were seriously so yummy and completely brightened my day. Thanks Lisa!

Lisa and I got Wendy this beautiful FAITH stamped necklace from RHB Designs. She’s a Tip Junkie Mom-preneur and makes the most beautiful jewelry. Wendy loved it and it just suits her perfectly.

Several of us were finally able to get together and celebrate Wendy’s birthday together. I grabbed some treats from the Cheesecake Factory with Lisa (my sister) and met up at New Moon. It was such a fun girls night.

I feel so blessed to have Wendy in my life. Many days I feel completely selfish for monopolizing such an incredible person. She brings joy and hope into a world that can be very dark and completely disappointing.

Wendy is the most charitable person I know. Every week she’s watching someone’s kiddos or doing a quiet act of kindness for someone she knows. She’s the go-to-girl for many women in her life when things come up and they need a helping hand. She’s always there to help you out, before you realize you even need it.

Being a friend with Wendy is completely easy – no judgments, no competition, and no expectations. She’s the kind of person who sees you every day at your worst, but still remembers you at your best. She’s a treasure and completely delightful. She’s been a constant source of strength for me the past year. I honestly don’t know what I would do with out her in my life.

Thanks Wendy for being the kind of friend that I’ve always wanted to be. I value your example and just adore you! Yes, I’m totally praying that Drake marries cutie patootie Emily and we’ll be able to spend Thanksgivings together till the end of our days.

Thank you for being you!


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