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Coupon Wrap Up

Yes, in case you’re wondering – I’m still couponing. Last week I spent $81.17 and saved $100.86.

This week I spent $67.88 and saved $74.04. I’m using the Grocery Game and binder method.

It’s been really nice to have a stockpile of food in our pantry. I’ve also started building up our 3 month food storage. As we used most of it last year to keep our expenses low so we could pay off medical bills.

I only buy things that I know we’ll eat. Otherwise it’s just a waste of money. Couponing is a lot of work but I can’t tell you how good it feels to have an excess of food and supplies again. {{whew}}

4 thoughts on “Coupon Wrap Up

  1. Laurie, I love seeing your great deals!! I have used a system called Coupon Sense for over 10 years. They match up all the coupons with the sale items and have a really easy system to keep track of your coupons. For a small monthly fee, all the hard work is done for me and I get to have the fun of saving money. If you're interested, check it out at I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Happy shopping!!

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  3. The Grocery Game at King Soopers is awesome! I moved to Maryland in March and tried to do the Grocery Game here and it is not the same. I have tried shopping at 4 different stores and don't love any one of them. Plus the deals that came up on the Grocery Game here weren't that great so I finally cancelled a few months ago. Good for you! I love saving money!

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