My Psychic Reading

My siser has been doing a lot of testing, cleanses, and cranial therapy the last year to try to heal her body so she can get pregnant. At one of her visits the assistant suggested that she call this Psychic to find out what’s wrong with her “plumbing”. Lisa finally decided to call and got an impressive reading.

My biggest fear lately is “what’s next”? Since last year was 12 months of one huge trial after another, I’ve become a bit worrisome for the future. I mean really, how much bad juju can one girl take!

Therefore, I decided to take the plunge and call the Psychic as well. What do I have to loose?

Here’s what she said:

* I’ve been doing a lot of serious thinking lately.

True. I’ve been debating the pros and cons of putting myself more in the public eye and pursuing speaking engagements. I’ve been concerned with the added stress to my family and trying to make sure this is really my purpose in life.

* I have a smart man in my life who has a strange sense of humor that I totally get and I love that about him. He’s disciplined. True, he’s fabulous!

* I’ll be going on a weekend vacation soon. It will go well.

True. I’ll be going to speak at Blissdom February 4th.

* There is someone who is acting up and causing conflict. He’s attending a day camp or something that should be fun. I’ve been down this road before so expect it. He’s smart but bored.

True. Drake is a pill at preschool. I’m bummed that Drake will cause me the same problems the other two have. However, the moment they told me I has having my third boy – I knew I would just be repeating the same process. This is a let down – but nothing I didn’t already anticipate.

* I’m worried about money but I can stop. True. There will be enough.

* In one month my desires will change. I will start a new schedule.

Interesting. I’m wondering that if after I speak at Blissdom and attend Mom 2.0 Summit in February that I get completely burned out or if I find a difference passion.

* She said that she’s not sure why but testing keeps coming up. I will be doing testing for the next 4 months. I have elevated hormones. She asked if I was pregnant.

Hell no I’m not pregnant. However, I’m hoping Lisa will be soon and she’s been doing a lot of testing. Lisa was right next to me during the reading – so maybe that’s why she picked that up.

* I am healthy. However, there will be a removal of some sort this Spring. It’s small and there’s light at the end of the tunnel. She said it’s something like a cracked tooth or something. She said to start putting money aside but it won’t be a big deal – not major.

I SO hope that I am healthy. My back surgery completely changed my perspective on life. I used to be completely fearless with my body – now not so much. I feel my mortality more than ever.

* She said that I have been congested lately and it’s because I have allergies. I should go see an allergist.

True. My nose has been bothering me for a couple months now. Weird she brought this up.

* She said that she keeps seeing that I’m 45 years old but she knows I’m not. I told her I was 34. She said that it’s because I’m finally seeing life as it really is and that I’ve finally got a back bone. She keeps pulling the “fight me” card. {{giggle – I got a new back that’s for sure.}}

HA! It is true that my perspective on life has changed quite a bit. I’m no longer a dreamer and am trying to be content with my life as it is right now. It’s hard for me as I do not have the life I had envisioned for myself. I’ve been actively trying to just be grateful and feel like “this is enough”.

* I’ll be having a great celebration soon. Maybe a family reunion.

I told her that I will be going to Arizona in May and seeing some dear friends. She said that I see friends as family so maybe that’s what it is.

* She asked who the independent woman is in my life. I told her it was my sister. She said that she will be needy the next 4-5 months.

* She said that I’m tired of being needy.

True. In my sisters reading, the Psychic brought me up and said that I would be needy the next 4-5 months. I feel like I’ve been needy the past 12 months, and I’m sick of it. It’s been a goal of mine to become completely independent again and not have to rely so heavily on others.

* I need to separate myself with a child because his problems are his own and he will figure them out. I don’t need to be a worry wort. She asked if my son was 11 years old.

True. I am in constant fear of Davis’ future. He doesn’t communicate with me, so I have no ideas what’s going on with him. I worry about my boys all the time. Their challenges seem so overwhelming to me and I just want them to have a happy life.

* I have good partnerships and good alliances. True.

* I will be getting away from my sleepless nights.

This almost made me cry. I cannot even remember the last time I got to sleep an entire 7 hours with out interruption. My sleep cycles are completely messed up. So even if a child doesn’t wake up in the night – my body still wakes up! I’m so exhausted – I can’t even begin to explain it.

* Then I asked her about my speaking engagements. She said that I will have 3 this year and that I will loose one. It’s only because of a scheduling conflict – nothing else. They will be fine.

True. I had to drop out of the Casual Blogging Conference (Mormon Mommy Bloggers) because of a scheduling conflict with EVO.

* I will talk about autism. She said that keeps coming up.

* She said my life is just starting and I will come full circle and see the benefits in 1 year.

I hope this is true. 🙂

* My biggest problem is that I’m afraid I’m not accepted. True. She said that I am and will do fine.

* We chatted a bit about Davis, who has high functioning autism. She said that she can’t read Autistic people. Her grandson is autistic and she can only read him if he allows her to. She said that I should get Davis online so he can chat with other high functioning children. They communicate easier with each other and it will give him comfort. I need to give him his own society. She ended our conversation that I should know that Davis is a good kid.

Very cool, huh! Even if nothing she said is true, it felt good to hear it. I really needed the encouragement and someone to just say, “It will be fine”.

So, I guess I won’t be dying of cancer this year or completely hosing my reputation by choking at a conference. Whoohoo!

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  1. Sometimes we need somebody outside of our bubble to tell us everything is going to be ok. When things seem so overwhelming to us, it's good to hear a different perspective on our situation. You WILL be ok, it will all work out.

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