Mother of Boys

Let’s Roll!

The kiddos had a couple days off of school and we spent both days with friends. We also did one of the boys favorite activities – bowling.

They are each pretty competitive and take the game very seriously.

This was Drake’s expression after every bowl. It was so funny!

Every one had a great time and were very considerate of each others feelings. Even with the serious competitive drive each child has.

I really enjoy how much my boys love each other. With all their trials – getting along isn’t one of them. {{knock on some serious wood}}

Drake and Dylan were cracking me up with their enthusiasm and how proud of each other they were after a strike.

You can’t have a family outing with out some crazy pictures. {{wink}}

I was able to catch this impromptu moment on film. Emily had just bowled a strike and jumped into Wendy’s arms to celebrate. It was darling.

Good times.

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