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Golden Globe Viewing Party

I just love award season! I know, I know – it’s a little silly for actors to dominate more attention and then give themselves awards – but I just love it. To me, there’s just something so fun about dissing over priced dresses and bad hair on beautiful people.

Come on! You know that’s a good time.

This year, one of my goals is to get back into the grove of hosting. I just love having a house full of friends. My love language is quality time – so I feel the most fulfilled when I’m with people I hold dear. Of course, the down side to this is that I just adore A TON of people. I’ve honestly never lived in a place with so many fantastic women. It’s amazing!

At any rate (back on topic) my first girls night of the year was a Golden Globe Viewing party. The GG’s are my favorite awards show because everyone is sitting in tables and the atmosphere is more of a party and more relaxed. Typically, that makes good TV when everyone is tipsy and off their guard.

My mom made these AMAZING party favors for me. Yep, she got marble paper and then embossed a globe on gold paper. Holy Cow! They turned out fabulous. Thanks Mom – you’ve got mad skills!

Chanda showed up in her pink Snuggy dressed up as an evening gown! {{bwaaaahaaa!}} It was seriously so funny, I almost forgot to take a quick picture. Notice she brought her glitter cup. {{fabulous}}

My man put all the nominees on one sheet of paper and before the awards, we all voted on our top 2 picks for each category. 10 points if the winner was your 1st pick – 5 points if the winner was your 2nd pick.

We were having such a crazy fun time – I completely forgot to have everyone add up their scores and pick the winner! Talk about a terrible hostess – although I’m pretty sure Chanda won.

We had the best time making fun of the stars, rewinding it over and over again to see if Jennifer Aniston showed her goods as she walked down the step to announce her category {{I swear she did}}, cheering when our pick won, and snacking on yummy treats. We may have stayed up until 1:30am laughing, telling stories, and looking people up on Facebook.

It was a crazy fun time. I just adore these women.

2 thoughts on “Golden Globe Viewing Party

  1. so bummed i missed it! but with the exhaustion of the weekend away and then my date with shayne and jack – i had to be at home with my men! 😉 you throw a killer par-tay laurie! i'm glad you're back at being the hostess that you are!

  2. Looks like you all had a great evening – so glad!!! And thanks for taking such a great picture of the treat bags- I forgot to take any and realized it when I got home from the post office. They did turn out pretty cute! You got such a great shot !!! They look even more 3-D than they are !!! But then, you've always been such a wonderful photographer!!!

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