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Welcome Strawberry Shortcake

I can not even begin to explain the joy that this little sweetie (in pink) brings into my home. She’s beautiful, playful, loving, decisive , and stubborn. She likes to be in control but also the life of the party. She also has the best giggle! I swear, I could listen to her tell stories and giggle all day long.

Alas, I only get her one day a week (two if I beg) and during preschool carpool. She not only lights up my world – but the two little Lightening McQueen obsessed fans pictured above.

They’ve become bored with my Loving Family Doll House, the kitchen play set, and the Polly Pockets. We’re massively overdue for new girl toys, so I added Strawberry Shortcake to our collection. She was a hit! I made sure I bought the little buggie for Drake to play with and the other two were quite content with the food, puppy, and dolls.

Even my older boys had to check it out. {{Shhh. Don’t tell.}} I’ve always known life’s a little sweeter with cake. {{wink}}

One thought on “Welcome Strawberry Shortcake

  1. Some don't like to admit it – but Boys like to occassionally play with girl toys – and there's nothing wrong with that!!!! No one thinks anything of a girl playing with any boy toys, cars & trucks, balls, guns, action figures – or whatever – it's no big deal!!! So why do some think it's "dangerous" or a "NO, NO!!" for boys to play with girls toys – it's just natural! And nothing to ever worry about! This looks too cute!!!

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